Do you have what it takes to complete this tricky 19-level puzzler?
Match all the hexagons of the same colour to win.


The colorful hexagons need to be grouped together. Follow the direction of the hexagons to move each piece in to place. Click on a hexagon to move it in the direction that it is pointing. Each hexagon will push any hexagons in front of it. Stack all hexagons of the same color.

If you get stuck, use the back arrow to undo your last move or click the refresh icon to restart the level. As the levels get progress, the number of hexagons you need to match increases; like a game of chess, you may need to think several steps ahead to get the right combination of moves.

Rated 4/5 stars*


HexaMatch Screenshot 3
HexaMatch Screenshot 4

* Rated an overall score on 79% (4/5) on as of 21.05.19